As you approach and/or enjoy retirement, you have the option of accessing your superannuation benefit either as a lump sum, a pension, or a combination of both.

Our Pension products allow you convert a lump sum superannuation amount into a regular income stream. With a Transition Pension you can draw income from your superannuation benefit while you are still employed.

A pension can take the hassle out of having to manage your own investment portfolio in retirement and can provide a tax effective way to derive regular payments from your retirement savings.

Pension accounts are able to be reverted back to a standard superannuation account at any time.

The Christian Super Pension

The Christian Super Pension gives retirees aged 60 or more the option to convert a lump sum superannuation amount into a regular income stream. The Christian Super Pension places the money in your account into your selected investment options in order to grow over time. Earnings accrue tax-free and are added to your account, while administration fees are simply deducted. You can elect how much you wish to receive on a monthly basis as a regular pension payment (within legislated limits).

How long your pension lasts depends on:

  • the total amount in your account to start with
  • investment earnings and fees
  • the amount you withdraw each year
  • any lump sum withdrawals you make

The Christian Super Transition to Retirement Pension

Beneficial to those aged 55-59, who wish to reduce their work hours to part time, the Transition to Retirement (TTR) Pension is a government initiative which allows eligible candidates to access their superannuation as an income stream. This facilitates a full-time income equivalent whilst working fewer hours and may also allow you to reduce your taxable income. TTR Pensions usually automatically revert to a Christian Super Pension when:

  • You leave your employer after reaching the age of 60; or
  • You reach the age of 65.

Important Documents

Please note that the information contained on this website is a summary and general in nature. It does not take into account any personal objectives, financial situation or specific needs of individual members. We strongly recommend that you refer to our Pension Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the full terms and conditions, and obtain professional financial advice to determine the appropriateness of the information, taking into account your own personal circumstances.