Our board

Our Board

Christian Super designs to have and to provide the best support possible. This includes recruiting sponsors who reflect our focus on ethicality and biblical stewardship, and a Trustee Board that ensures our services are of the highest quality, that they remain at an affordable cost, and that they retain values reflective of a Christian ethos even amidst a dynamic, ever-changing economic climate.

Christian Super is managed by a board of nine Directors which form the Trustee. Four Directors are elected directly by the Fund’s members, one is an Independent Director appointed by the Trustee and four are appointed by the Principal Sponsor, made up of the following associations:

Employers and members are equally represented on the Trustee Board. The Trustee operates the National Office to coordinate the Fund’s management and development activities. External service providers have been appointed to handle the Fund’s investment, insurance and administration activities.

Board Role

The role of the Board is to:

  • Promote the vision and values of the Fund
  • Ensure that the Fund’s Statement of Faith is effectively outworked in the life of the Fund.
  • Set the strategic direction of the Fund and monitor the implementation and achievement of that strategic direction
  • Ensure prudent management of the Trustee’s business operations
  • Ensure the Trustee meets its legal and regulatory obligations
  • Approve and monitor the Fund’s risk management systems
  • Appoint and review the performance of the Chief Executive Officer

Board Skills, Diversity and Review

The Trustee Board meets quarterly, and an Attendance Register for the last 7 years is available here.  All Directors undertake ongoing education and training relevant to their duties to ensure they have appropriate skills with reference to the Fund’s Trustee Standards.  Based on an assessment of the skills of the current directors, the Board has sufficient expertise and skills to perform its duties.

The Board recognises the importance of diversity on a variety of factors in assisting the effective governance, oversight and idea generation for the Fund, and ensuring fair representation of Fund stakeholders.  Instead of setting formal targets, the Fund is committed to pursuing diversity through a number of means including:

  • The maintenance of an Equal Opportunity Policy used in the appointment and re-appointment of directors;
  • The setting of maximum tenure limits for directors;
  • The setting of targets for independent directors;
  • Regular assessment of the performance of the Board, as a whole and as individual directors; and
  • Specific initiatives to address a lack of diversity on the Board where it is likely to hamper effective governance or fair stakeholder representation.

The Board conducts a continuous performance improvement process including an annual self-assessment in order to determine whether the Board has sufficient skill, expertise and capacity to fulfill its responsibilities in light of the Fund’s strategic objectives.  This review will be conducted by an independent an external party every three years.  Each review will aim to identify opportunities for the Board to improve in its performance and best serve the members of the Fund.

Our Committees

Each director is also a member of at least one Board Committee, that operate in accordance with the Committees Charter and Terms of Reference. Each committee meets quarterly, with the exception of the Ethics Committee, which meets twice a year.

  • Audit & Compliance Committee
  • Board Governance & Remuneration Committee
  • Community Engagement Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Risk Committee