Investing with integrity

Our investment approach is underpinned by core Christian beliefs – the authority of God, respect for human life and the importance of caring for God’s creation.


We invest in companies that are environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, financially strong and accountable.


We avoid companies that are unethical, that produce addictive or harmful goods and services, or that violate human rights.


10% of the funds we manage are allocated to impact investments, which deliver a measurable social or environmental impact as well as a financial return.


Our impact investment portfolio supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Investing for the long run

Superannuation is a marathon, not a sprint. One of the ways we help our members prepare for retirement is focusing on achieving strong long-term results.

Investing for peace of mind

Being able to invest your super ethically is just the beginning. Our members also have access to some great insurance options.

Investing for a purposeful retirement

When you’re ready to start thinking about the next chapter of your life, we can help you navigate your options and plan for a purposeful retirement. You can keep your retirement savings invested ethically with our pension options.
Our free Purposeful Living eBook is a wonderful resource, that will inspire you to live a life of generosity at any stage of your life.


How our Faith affects the way we Invest

As the Chief Investment Officer of a Christian superannuation fund, it occurs to me frequently that more than 27,000 Australians have entrusted their retirement savings to us. This is a substantial responsibility. Our members trust that we will work to the utmost of our abilities to ensure they are well-provided for so they can live […]

The 2019 Federal Budget and what it means for your super

Budget Key Points Tax Relief – Providing immediate tax relief for low and middle-income earners of up to $1,080 for singles or up to $2,160 for dual income families to ease the cost of living. “Putting Members’ Interests First Bill” – To take effect from 1 October 2019, making insurance ‘opt-in’ for members under the […]

Should you be making additional contributions to your super?

This article has been provided by Cornerstone Wealth for Christian Super Members. You may be surprised to find out that only one in 8 employed super fund members make contributions to their super above the mandatory employer-paid 9.5% superannuation guarantee.[1] If you’ve never thought about making additional contributions to your super, here are some things […]

Making an impact on the lives of South American Coffee Farmers

Thrive Coffee Farmers is one of Christian Super’s impact investments through Sovereign’s Capital. Thrive Coffee Farmers is an Atlanta-based coffee company that is making a difference in the lives of South American coffee farmers and their communities. Thrive connects farmers in Guatemala and Costa Rica directly with consumers; reducing profit loss, ensuring a stable price […]

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