6 Christian Organisations Running Amazing Programs to Help their Communities

In addition to spreading the word of God, Australian Christian organisations are putting the message of Jesus into action by assisting communities and the vulnerable. Small or large, these organisations, with the help of partners and volunteers, are giving help where it’s most needed and raising awareness of important issues to effect change.

1. Hillsong

Image via God.tv

Headquartered in Sydney with churches in 19 countries around the world, Hillsong records a global attendance rate of nearly 100,000 each week. In addition to spreading the message of God through music, record labels, film and television, worldwide conferences, and an international college, Hillsong has programs that help local communities. Programs include the following:

  • Colour ConferenceColour Conference is a global movement emphasising the value of womanhood. It’s held once a year in five countries around the world.
  • Hillsong Conference This conference brings together thousands of attendees to listen to Hillsong’s team members speak about church leadership, worship, and community.
  • A21 CampaignThe A21 Campaign is a non-profit initiative focused on ending human trafficking.
  • Vision Rescue This initiative provides education and medical assistance to street children.
  • Hillsong Africa FoundationThis foundation offers community feeding programs, orphan care, disaster relief, and much more.

Hillsong also has Greenlight, a social justice initiative for the homeless; iCareRevolution, a youth outreach program; and CityCare, a community empowerment program. Its generous welfare arm has built schools and homes in Africa, provided drugs to AIDS patients, and sponsored thousands of children.

2. The Salvation Army

Image via Salvation Army Rockdale

Serving Australian communities for over 150 years, the Salvation Army offers a broad range of community programs, from help for dependence on alcohol and other drugs to disability services and youth issues. Their alcohol and other drug program is designed to help people break the cycle of dependency, while their aged care services provide meals, shelter, and personal care to elderly Aussies.

The Salvation Army’s disaster relief and emergency relief programs deliver assistance in a timely manner when most needed. Other programs like family violence, family support, human trafficking and slavery, and disability services offer targeted services to help the vulnerable members of local and overseas communities.

3. Mission Australia

Image via Mission Australia

Mission Australia helps over 100,000 Australians in need each year by providing essential services like homeless and social services, along with family and children services. In addition, it offers youth services, mental wellbeing and disability support, and employment and skills training programs. Mission Australia also assists those dependent on drugs and alcohol with recovery.

Its housing program is a great example of Mission Australia’s multifaceted approach to community issues. The organisation provides vital information for tenants, hosts tenant events, and encourages participation in groups like NSW Tenant Action Group. Along with its community service programs, Mission Australia raises awareness of social issues through research and evaluation programs and policy development and advocacy.

4. TEAR Australia

Image via For Tomorrow

TEAR Australia is a development, relief, and advocacy organisation dedicated to addressing global poverty and injustice. Its scope of work covers geographical areas from Australia and South Asia to Africa and the Pacific. Areas of focus include livelihoods and food security, health, education, and environmental sustainability.

In addition, TEAR Australia is dedicated to strengthening civil society, women’s empowerment, disaster relief and recovery, and water and sanitation. TEAR works to shape local government policy and partners with on-the-ground organisations to deliver relief and assistance. An example of its many projects is their partnership with the local Ellita – Women at Risk to free women in Addis Ababa from the sex trade.

5. Baptist World Aid Australia

Image via the Baptist Union of Victoria

Baptist World Aid Australia’s community programs range from raising awareness of issues to working with overseas partners with its child sponsorship, disaster relief, and vulnerable children’s fund programs. Other initiatives include the Big Gift program, which accepts small donations making a big difference to communities in need overseas. The Middle East Crisis Appeal and the Hunger Crisis program are some of Baptist World Aid Australia’s other projects.

6. C3Church

Image via C3 Church Joondalup

C3Church is a locally focused church that’s actively engaged in a variety of outreach programs in the Sydney area. Its C3 Care Centre provides free food hampers, clothing, hot lunches, debt counselling, and support to anyone in need in the Auburn, Holroyd, and Parramatta regions.

With the help of volunteers, C3Church’s Food and Clothing Banks provide free food and clothing to children and adults, and the Hot Lunch program serves free gourmet hot lunches to the public.

Giving back to the community through God

From the local to the global, these incredible Australian churches are serving communities in a profoundly impactful way. Whether it’s small gifts to help plant trees in Nepal or quickly raising a large sum of money for a disaster, these Christian organisations know the importance of lending a helping hand.

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