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Significant Event Notices

When there are any important updates or changes to our products and services, we will advise our members by post and also provide the notice here.


Our Annual Report keeps you up-to-date with the current trends in an ever-changing economic world; recaps the performance of our ethical investments, while demonstrating what Christian Super is currently doing to ensure you are provided with the best possible retirement.



Member News is issued quarterly via email (the Spring edition is incorporated in the Annual Report). If you are a member and you didn’t receive an email, we may not have your correct email address – please contact us. The newsletter you receive is tailored for your life stage: Starting Well, Living Well, Planning Well or Retiring Well.

In 2014, our newsletters became a live resource and all articles remain active though our blog. To checkout articles prior 2014, visit these archive pages:
Member News
Your Super


Employer News e-newsletter, keeps you abreast of changes in the superannuation industry as well as the sharing the latest in services and opportunities available for your business and employees.


Other Publications

Celebrating 30 Years is a visual journey of our past through to the present! In 2014, Christian Super celebrated our 30 year anniversary. Click through to see how the Fund has grown and changed, while staying true to our roots over the years.

Ethical Position Papers