Money Matters

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Living within your means – Brett McCloud (Focus on the Family)
Money lessons that work – Brett McCloud (Focus on the Family)
Raising money savvy kids – Brett McCloud (Focus on the Family)
The cash method – Brett McCloud (Focus on the Family)
Fun with budgeting – Brett McCloud (Focus on the Family)
Debt free living – Brett McCloud (Focus on the Family)
Sound financial decisions – Brett McCloud (Focus on the Family)


Living in Financial Freedom

Focus on the Family Australia and Christian Super have partnered together to develop a resource for families to help them understand God’s principles around money and apply those principles to the practical aspects of household spending and investing.

These resources are ideal for small groups, Bible Study groups, families, couples and local churches.

Some of the financial concepts that you will discover within these resources are:

  • God prospers us not to raise our standard of living but our standards of giving
  • Partnering with God in maintaining His vast creation, working as gifted managers, commissioned to oversee the productive use of the resources around us for God’s purposes
  • Giving is an external testimony of God’s ownership of everything in our lives
  • Why a spending plan is more relevant than a budget
  • How debt snowballs
  • Worldly perspectives on debt contrasted with Biblical perspectives on debt
  • Working your way out of debt
  • How understanding your family’s financial roots is very revealing
  • Drive the least expensive car your ego can handle
  • Tips on modeling healthy financial management to your children


Living in Financial Freedom Workbook

Living in Financial Freedom Slide Presentation | Neville Cox, Focus on the Family