Christian Super at the 2021 ACC Pastors Conference

Christian Super has two amazing opportunities for our fund members attending the 2021 ACC Pastors Conference.

Financial Health Check

We have a number of independent Christian financial advisors around the country to whom we refer members seeking comprehensive financial advice. One of these advisors is from Covenant Wealth and has extended a generous offer to provide a holistic ‘Financial Health Check’ session to interested Pastors, free of charge. A similar advice session would typically cost over $500.

The offer is a one-on-one advice workshop (conducted over 90 minutes in person at the conference, coinciding as much as possible with session breaks) to help you and your spouse with an overall review of your finances. Prior to the conference, you will need to provide some financial details and other information to the advisor by email to ensure you get the maximum benefit for the allocated 90-minute session.

The advisor does not intend to sign you up as a client or add you to a database of prospects. He has a genuine heart to serve the Pastors who have given so much to serve the Church. The advisor will answer a number of questions and give you some feedback on your current financial situation and goals but will not be preparing a comprehensive financial plan as part of this workshop. You can expect to walk away empowered and confident to make any necessary financial decisions and changes independently. You may decide to continue engaging with the advisor utilising Zoom or seek a Christian financial advisor in your local area to complete a more comprehensive financial advice plan.


Planning for Retirement Coaching

Retirement is a part of your future and a significant part at that!

Some people long for it, and some dread it, but not enough people consider what life will be like in retirement. It’s challenging to evaluate the unknowable future, but one thing we know for sure is that retirement has become a substantial block of time. With more people living longer, robust lives, many of us might expect to have 30+ years to look forward to in retirement. That’s a lot of free time! With so many good, strong years ahead of you, the question is, how can you thrive well into your retirement years?

Jim and Anne Buchanan are Retirement Planning Coaches at Covenant Wealth. They have walked alongside people in Pastoral Ministry for around 40 years, helping them negotiate life’s challenges. Retirement Planning Coaches can help you discover the exciting opportunities that define this next season of life. They will walk you through a process that expresses your values, and help you visualise what this season may look like, and help foresee some of the potential pitfalls.

These sessions are only available to Christian Super members at the ACC National conference. There are a limited number of spaces available, so we encourage you to book your session using the button below.

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