Anina Findling – Candidate Information

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How do you believe your skills can be used as a director of Christian Super if you are elected?

I have an intrinsic drive and proven track record of contributing to the sustainable, healthy growth of organisations.  I believe the extensive professional network that I have established in WA through my current leadership roles will also contribute to this goal, by encouraging increased collaboration between our like-minded ministries.

I have a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence, combined with a deep commitment to respectful, effective teamwork within the culture of an Organisation.  It is crucial that board members bring together their unique viewpoints and different skill sets, to ensure all due diligence criteria for the Organisation are met.

What experience do you bring to the role of Trustee Director?

Financial acumen, almost 20 years of Retail banking experience, People management, Strategic planning, Risk management, Commercial lending and 5 years’ Board/committee experience.  A broad background working with financial advice models from close working relationships with Financial Planners and Accountants.  30 years of Christian leadership experience.

Which church do you attend and how are you involved?

My husband, 2 teens and I attend Mt Hawthorn Baptist Church in Perth WA, for 11 years he has been an Elder there while I have been the Prayer Ministry Coordinator.  I am also on two worship teams, playing guitar and piano.  I enjoy public speaking and have been speaking at various churches and women’s ministry events in WA.

How does Christian Super’s vision of seeing people living life with financial health and understanding resonate with you?

I believe Christian Super stands out as a leading Christian financial services provider, and they are in an ideal position to give clients advice on financial matters based on biblical wisdom and sound governance principles.  As a member, I have experienced CS staff to be helpful and caring, and always ready to assist people with achieving their financial goals.  I have a background in conducting training for not only bank staff but also clients, and believe that education is a large part of helping our members live life with optimal financial health.

What is your view on biblical investing and why it is important for Christian Super and its members?

The bible teaches us the ultimate principles of God’s truth for life. When consistently followed, I believe we not only receive His blessing for our work and ministry, but it also sets an example to the world of what living by God’s principles looks like.  If these principles are not embedded throughout the culture of the Organisation, and practiced consistently by all staff and directors, we risk losing both of these opportunities that are so crucial to the fulfilment of our Christian mission.

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