We all need a safety net: Microinsurance

Imagine you own a small business selling coffee from a coffee cart. This business is your source of livelihood for your entire family – food, rent, education for your children and medical expenses. One day, a big storm completely destroys your coffee cart. The replacement cost is over three times your monthly earnings and far … Read more

Super funds enter dialogue on developing asset class

Investment magazine mentions Christian Super in reference to the inaugural Impact Investing Summit in Sydney. The summit brings together 70 leading organisations from across the globe to showcase strategies and ways of measuring success in this space. Our CEO Peter Murphy shares his hopes for helping industry leaders discuss the realities of impact investing. Read the full article here

Investors discuss way forward on impact investing

Investment Magazine organised a roundtable of some of the most prominent thinkers on the subject of social impact investing to share ideas on how more of the $2 trillion invested in superannuation could do some social good. The question was asked whether members of super funds would be upset if there was not any equivalent … Read more

Beyond the barcode

Have you ever walked into Kmart or Target, seen the low prices of shirts and undies and thought, “I wonder how they make it so cheaply?” Have you ever wanted to take a look behind the barcode and see the journey that item of clothing took to get where it is today? These are exactly … Read more

Stock market crash – what does it mean for me?

The Australian stock market dropped from nearly 6000 points in April 2015 to around the 5000 point level now. That is a fall of 16% in less than one year. What does that mean for you and your superannuation? What is causing the turmoil? The fluctuation in the market has been triggered by a range … Read more

Leadership investment that’s paying returns

I just returned from “training” in Adelaide. I guess you too, at some stage, either to maintain professional development or to become a better practitioner, have participated in some sort of training. However, the word “training” doesn’t quite cut it. It was an investment on various fronts. It cost time – time away of from … Read more