Free hot cross buns!

Here at Christian Super we are about to celebrate the most important Christian festival of the year- Easter. We celebrate when Jesus died to take the punishment for all of our sin, and then rose again to show he had triumphed over death. So what do we do in our office to share this message […]

What does an Aussie Christian look like?

What does an Aussie Christian look like? Watch this short video to see some of the diversity of churches and people you will find all across our beautiful country. “It’s not our differences that define us, its our love. We are believers, we are mates, we are Aussie Christians.” Brought to you by Christian Super, […]

Implementing change in your church

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of amazing pastors’ and leaders’ conferences. Hillsong of course, is one of the best leadership conferences in the world. Also held recently was the International Network of Churches (INC) National Pastors’ Conference. Here is the question… How does a pastor who has been to a […]