Kingdom Business Summit 2017

We are really excited about sponsoring the 2017 Kingdom Business Summit conferences. This series of free conferences on the Gold Coast, in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are all about activating Christian entrepreneurs to change culture.

This free 2 day event is a high energy, high impact training with a focus on building businesses and using our businesses to benefit society. Some of the things you’ll learn at the Kingdom Business Summit include;

  • The latest online and offline marketing strategies to scale a business quickly,
  • Facebook & YouTube advertising,
  • How to build a team that share your vision,
  • Time management ideas to get more done in less time,
  • How to get your mindset right to last the distance, &
  • How we as ambassadors for Christ can use our businesses to win back our culture.

This event is different to most conferences – you’ll actually do the work during the event. You will leave the conference with strategies that are complete and all you’re left to do when you go home is to execute the strategies and grow your business.

The Kingdom Business Summit is focused on bottom line profit as well as incorporating our faith into our businesses.

There will be an amazing line up of speakers on stage at the event.   Led by the events’ founder Wez Hone, the line up includes business people that have built multi million dollar business so that you can see how it’s done in the current marketplace.

There are also business leaders who have made big mistakes that we can all learn from. You won’t see speakers from the speaker’s circuit – you will only see people that have done the hard work and built substantial businesses.

At the end of each event there will be people recognised in the prophetic on hand to give you a word from the Lord if you would like.

The Mission of the Kingdom Business Summit is to equip and train believers in businesses, no matter what stage of business you are at. This is an amazing opportunity to learn business building tools, relationship building as well as high level networking with other Christians in business.

A bit about the founder of the Kingdom Business Summit

Leading ‘faith-in-business’ thinker Wez Hone has been in the trenches of business, having built and sold 8 companies since the age of 18. Now a business coach, trainer and speaker, Wez is passionate about teaching Christian entrepreneurs how biblical principles apply to the marketplace so they can build highly profitable businesses as well as influence the world around them. Wez has a unique ability to de-code what the scriptures say about business, and is committed to activating Christian entrepreneurs to change culture.

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