Fossil fuels or fossil fools?

Getting a grip on fossil fuels It’s a well-known fact^ that when you squeeze a piece of coal as tight as you can it could turn into a diamond. So what happens when you take a dead plant and squeeze really tight? You get fossil fuels…in a manner of speaking. Fossil fuels such as coal, […]

Leadership investment that’s paying returns

I just returned from “training” in Adelaide. I guess you too, at some stage, either to maintain professional development or to become a better practitioner, have participated in some sort of training. However, the word “training” doesn’t quite cut it. It was an investment on various fronts. It cost time – time away of from […]

Investing in Mexican Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela Living in Australia, we take many things for granted… access to clean water, electricity and sanitation come to mind. One thing we may not consider though is a university education. So when we think about how best to serve […]

2017 Annual Statement FAQs

Your mid-year statements are now ready to view and download. Here’s what you need to know. How do I access my statement? If you are registered for MemberAccess, login with your member number and password. In the menu, go to Messages > Correspondence and then look for ‘Annual Statements – Your 30 June 2017 Member statement’ […]