Are you ready for SuperStream Changes on 28th October 2016?

From the 28th October 2016 all employers must comply with the SuperStream changes.

What is SuperStream?

SuperStream is a government reform aiming to improve the efficiency of the superannuation industry. Electronic systems and payments are now solely replacing outdated procedures, such as payments via cheques, in order to create industry wide simplification and consistency.

These changes are now into their final stage of implementation. From the 28th October 2016 all employers must comply with the SuperStream changes.

How Christian Super simplifies compliance.

Christian Super has implemented options to assist employers in ensuring that they remain compliant. The two main Christian Super offerings are payments through the Employer Online Access or through our clearing house, SCH online.

Employer Access

Employer Access allows registered employers to manage their Christian Super contributions. This option offers a simple and easy to manage alternative to ensure compliance with the SuperStream changes. Employees can be added to the Employer Access interface and their payment details updated when contributions need to be made. This function offers direct access to allow Christian Super to direct debit the nominated account. This solution is recommended for employers who are only paying super to Christian Super members.

SCH online

SCH online is a clearing house service which allows a single transaction to be paid to multiple superfunds, simplify the payment process for employers who need to pay to more than one superfund. Utilising a clearing house ensures contributions remain SuperStream compliant. In a similar manner to Employer Access, Clearing houses allow employers to specify the components of their contributions and make a single payment which is then dispersed amongst their employees chosen superfunds. The benefit of a clearing house is that it can incorporate payments to any fund. This allows for one centralised payment system to be utilised for the payment of all employees. SCH online can be accessed through the Christian Super Employer Access portal and is available for free to registered employers. It operates in the same manner to the Employer Access however provides the option of adding non-Christian Super members as employees.

How do I know if I am compliant with these changes?

There are two ways to contribute in order to ensure you remain compliant:

  • Through your funds Employer Access system
  • Through a clearing house

There are two standard ways to get information into these systems; either,

  • By manually entering the required information into the system; or,
  • by uploading an internal payroll document that has been mapped to meet the ATO specifications.

For these requirements to be fulfilled the following information will need to be collected (in addition to standard contribution data):

  • Unique Superannuation Identifier
  • ABN
  • Bank account details
  • Electronic service address

We are here to help! If you would like any clarification on anything you have read please contact Christian Super on 1300 360 907 and one of our Member Care Consultants will assist you. You can also email us at

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