You could win $1000 of travel

Recently our marketing team was reflecting on this kind of conversation… “Yeah I’ve heard of Christian Super, they sound awesome! I should join… one day.” Superannuation is one of those important but not urgent things that people tend to not think about. So what if we gave people an incentive to join this month?

So that’s exactly what we are doing.

Everyone who joins Christian Super AND makes a contribution (see terms and conditions here) during the competition period (January to June 2017) will be entered into the monthly draw to win a $1000 travel voucher – too easy! If you are one of our winners you could spend that voucher on a mission trip, study break, spiritual retreat, family holiday, whatever! You could use it yourself or even give it to a friend.

Ultimately joining Christian Super is a reward in itself- your Super will be bringing competitive returns for your retirement while making an impact through ethical and impact investing.

And we haven’t forgotten about our existing faithful members. If you are already an active member you will automatically be entered into two separate draws, with one winner from each receiving a $1000 travel voucher.

So now’s the time to tell that friend you have been nagging to join Christian Super to check us out. And if they win the travel voucher, remind them what an awesome friend you are and how much fun you would have on a holiday together!

See all the details here

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