Car karaoke and ethical superannuation?

If you’ve been following Christian Super on Facebook, you may have seen some videos starring comedian/youth pastor Hi Josh (see videos below).

So what does a guy singing karaoke in his car or hiding chocolate milk have to do with ethical superannuation? We asked our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Phil Watson to explain.

“When you start talking about Superannuation most people switch off. Josh has an amazing ability to make videos that people want to watch and share, so we wondered if he would be keen to do some Christian Super branded content. He almost tuned out when I first told him about superannuation, but then when I explained about impact investing and the social benefits it produces alongside the financial returns, he became more interested.

We didn’t want to just have Josh talking about superannuation – that wouldn’t be very shareable. So Josh came up with some great concepts that simply mentioned us at the end. And we were very happy with the results, with each video gaining around 70,000 views on Facebook. Ultimately we want to inspire a new generation to use their super to impact the world, and this is a great start.”

The second video was filmed in the Christian Super office with some of our staff making their acting debut in supporting roles. So we let Josh do what he does best… making people laugh, while we continued doing what we do best… using your Super to change the world!