CEO Update – December 2021

Watch this short update from Christian Super CEO Ross Piper, or read the transcript below.

Well hello everyone. I want to share some important updates with you as we’re expecting Christian Super to be mentioned in the media in the coming days. In fact, we’ll be releasing a media statement that I want to tell you a little bit about. The media statement will communicate that Christian Super is currently exploring options for a potential merger partner.

We’ve been exploring possible collaboration opportunities with other superannuation funds for some time. So in one sense, this isn’t actually new news. However, the process has now gained a greater level of focus, particularly in light of continued regulatory and market developments. So we’re going to spend some time evaluating a wider range of potential partners during the next few months.

Well, what does this mean for Christian Super members? In the short term nothing will change. We understand that unique aspects of Christian Super, such as our values-based investment approach, are the reason that many of our members have chosen us and those things will not change while we go through this next stage of exploring options. Our team is continuing to work hard to serve our members well, helping them to save for a purposeful retirement. And while we’re yet to identify who a potential merger partner could be, we’re very clear on what we’re looking for.

First and foremost, we want to deliver improved financial outcomes to our members. As a super fund, we have a legal duty to act in the best financial interests of our members, and we believe that retaining key aspects of our current offer, such as values-based investing, forms part of this duty and it is our strong desire to do so wherever possible. This is one of the factors that’s being evaluated as part of the process we’re going through to determine the future that is most likely to maximize the outcomes achieved for our members.

So what happens now? Well, as I mentioned before, nothing changes in the short term. We’ll keep you informed as this exploration continues, and we’ll share a more fulsome update during our next annual members meeting in March. You’ll be able to find some further information on our website. And if you’ve got any other questions, please contact our Member Care Team.

And finally, can I invite you to join with me and the wider Christian Super team as we pray for wisdom and insight during this process. Thanks for watching this short message. Take care and God bless.