Choice of Fund

March 2022
What is Choice of Fund, and why you may wish to consider Christian Super as your default super fund of choice

What is ‘Choice of Fund’?

‘Choice of Fund’ refers to when you nominate a super fund to become your default super fund of choice. Once nominated, your employer will begin contributing your super to this default super fund of your choice, instead of your employer’s ‘default’ super fund. To nominate a Choice of Fund, you will need to complete your respective super fund’s Choice of Fund Form and give it to your current employer. Once this process is complete, your employer and future employers will pay your super into your nominated super fund of choice*.

Do I need to select a Choice of Fund?

Selecting a Choice of Fund is not mandatory. Depending on your personal values and financial goals, you may wish to consider selecting a super fund as your Choice of Fund. Selecting a Choice of Fund makes it easier to track your super, as this account follows you, no matter how many times you change jobs. It also makes it easier to track your progress towards retirement and could save you from paying fees on multiple super fund accounts.

Why may you wish to consider selecting Christian Super as your ‘Choice of Fund’?

At Christian Super, we invest in line with biblical values. We believe we are called to steward God’s resources wisely. Christian Super has a range of topical positions that we abide by and govern our investments around. For example, at Christian Super we exclude any company that produces consumable tobacco or vaping products. We also exclude any company that derives more that 10% of revenue from the distribution of consumable tobacco or vaping products (e.g, cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes).

To read more about our stance on this and many other topical positions, click here to read more.

Christian Super is not only a leader in biblically aligned ethical investing, but in the past five years have also been achieving above average industry returns. Click here to learn more about our current investment performance.

How may you make Christian Super your default super fund of choice?

If you wish to make Christian Super your default super fund of choice, follow the below steps:

  1. Download the Choice of Fund Form from our website and fill in.
  2. Give the completed form to your employer.


Once you have exercised ‘Choice of Fund’, your employer will pay your super into your Christian Super account.


Our friendly Member Care Team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Click here for contact details.


*This is a general process for how ‘Choice of Fund’ is selected. Each super fund may have a different process for how a ‘Choice of Fund’ is processed. Please contact your super fund to find out more and refer to their terms and conditions.



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