Christian Super Ranked Top 3 Income Protection for office workers

Christian Super encourages members to get appropriate insurance at an affordable rate. Christian Super Income Protection insurance is recognised by SuperGuide as one of the top three lowest cost income protection insurance in superannuation for white-collar workers in Australia.

Income Protection – What does it cover?

Income protection insurance policy replaces some of your income if you’re unable to work after a period of 60 days due to sickness or injury. You can choose the amount you wish to insure up to a maximum of 75% of your regular income and capped at $35,000 per month plus 10% superannuation contribution for a benefit period of 2 years. As long as there are sufficient funds in your Christian Super account to pay for your premiums and you continue working at least 15 hrs a week you will be covered until you’re aged 70.

How do I get Income Protection Insurance Cover?

When you join Christian Super, you may automatically be provided with a default level of Income Protection cover when we receive your employer superannuation guarantee contributions into your Christian Super account within 180 days of joining Christian Super. The level of default cover you will receive will be based on your Occupational Group when you become a Christian Super member.

If you are not provided default cover automatically, you can apply for Income Protection cover by completing the Insurance Change Form and Personal Health Statement Form.

All Income Protection premiums are deducted directly from your Christian Super account on a monthly basis. While Income Protection cover is available up to age 70, members aged 67 or over are not eligible to obtain new cover.

For more information please contact our Member Care Centre on 1300 360 907 or have a look at our Insurance Guide and Group Income Protection Policy Documents.