Consumed Campaign Calls Christians to Embrace The Good Life Instead of Over-Consumption

Consumerism has become the idol of our age

For followers of Jesus in Australia today, there are two stories about the ‘good life’ battling for our hearts and minds. Our culture’s story says that happiness comes through the accumulation of more stuff. By contrast, the Christian story invites us to be content in the grace of a loving God and to find purpose and meaning in the service and love of others.

Many of us long to be free from our captivity to consumption. But the cultural forces driving us to want more, seem so powerful and all-encompassing that it feels complex (or even impossible) to choose a different way.

But our concerns about the impacts of our consumption choices are growing. We are increasingly aware that we should think about the working conditions of the people who make the clothes we buy. We know that many of the plastics we use could end up in landfill or in our oceans. We know that the electricity we consume and the cars we drive have some effect on the climate we live in. We have declared a war on waste.

Consumed is a campaign that calls Christians to faithful consumption

The Consumed campaign was created by Seed in collaboration with a number of faith-aligned organisations including Christian Super. At the heart of the campaign is a crowdsourcing process that invites churches and individual Christians across Australia to co-create new pathways toward greater faithfulness to Jesus in our consumption choices.

Here’s how to get involved

Start by visiting the Consumed website to read more about the campaign, and follow Consumed on Facebook or Instagram.

While you’re on the website, you can also download a number of free and helpful resources:

Finally, get check out the Consumed Design Challenge – this is a place where you can post ideas that will help bring positive change in our society with regards to consumerism, and where you can comment on the ideas that others have posted. This crowdsourcing process has been designed to help us all find creative solutions to the problem of consumerism, so that we can take positive steps towards the good life that God wants for us.