Employee Info

Employee info

To administer your employees’ superannuation benefits, we need to know when certain circumstances change, either for them, or for you as an employer.

New Employees (if you are using Christian Super as your default Fund)

Each employee should be given a copy of our Member Guide (PDS) which includes full Fund details as well as the forms they are required to complete.

Please contact us when you require additional copies.

If a new employee is an existing member of Christian Super, you can simply add them to your account and send contributions as usual. Please refer to making payments for your payment options.

Employees Leaving (if you are using Christian Super as your default Fund)

You need to advise us when an employee leaves your organisation. We need to know the date they left and their termination code. These details are easiest to send with your regular contribution remittance, but you can also advise us in separate correspondence. Please ensure the member’s full name, member number, date of birth and current address details are included with any correspondence.

All contributions due to be made on behalf of any terminated members should be remitted with your regular contribution return or when you advise of them leaving your employment.

Changing Member Details

Most changes (e.g. name, address) to member’s personal details can be advised with your contribution remittance.

Alternatively, you may provide a Membership Changes Form (PDS) to your employee for completion as required and returned to our Member Care Centre for action.

Changing Employer Details

If there are any contact changes for your organisation (e.g. preferred contact name and address changes), these can be updated in Employer Access or by the authorised person in writing.