Erin Kluge – Candidate Information

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How do you believe your skills can be used as a director of Christian Super if you are elected?

Having an administrative and financial background my skills involve financial and human resource management, compliance, strategic planning and reporting to State and Federal Government agencies.  Over the past five years I have been involved in two significant projects. In 2014, the Board required my involvement in the 14 month feasibility study and associated investigations on the acquisition of two regional schools which were struggling. In 2012, I undertook a four month review of the uniform shop operations and undertook a tender process which sought to streamline the cost to parents and the visual presentation of our students to the community.

What experience do you bring to the role of Trustee Director?

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Human Resource Management and Certificate in Governance Practice. For the past 15 years, I have worked in the Education sector and oversee the non-educational areas of a School of 1450 students and 200 staff. My portfolio includes financial and property management, café operations and outsourced areas (uniform shop and out of school hours care). During this time I have expanded my knowledge in other non-profit areas by being involved on the Board of a mutli-site Child Care organisation for four years and Treasurer of my Church (Birdwood United Church) for two years.

Which church do you attend and how are you involved?

For the past 21 years I have attended Birdwood United Church. I have been involved in organising Sunday School classes and for the past two years I was the Treasurer. After much consideration as a family, we decided to move to Clovercrest Baptist Church at the conclusion of 2016 due to the vibrant children’s programme and location of the church. At this stage, I am not involved in any of the ministries, however I have registered my interest in assisting where I can once I have settled into our new church home.

How does Christian Super’s vision of seeing people living life with financial health and understanding resonate with you?

I believe that everyone should play an active role in understanding their long term financial goals. This is often overshadowed and complicated by institutions producing and displaying information which is cluttered and difficult to understand. Christian Super’s vision and presentation of information assists people (no matter what their background) in being able to understand their superannuation and the impact even small changes can make on their superannuation balance and insurance requirements.

What is your view on biblical investing and why it is important for Christian Super and its members?

While all people will ultimately seek a strong return on investment, members appreciate knowing that their superannuation is being invested in industries which have been reviewed against a wide range of ethical issues and are aligned with the core values of the Christian faith. With these values underpinning Christian Super’s foundation, there is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate God’s heart for humanity as Christian Super endeavours to continue to provide an investment strategy which not only upholds biblical principles but also produces a social and environment return for its members.

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