For Employers

For Employers



Why join Christian Super as an employer

  • Biblical principles are applied to all investment options
  • Easy payment methods – EFT, BPAY, cheque and/or direct debit
  • Submit and track your contributions with quick online access to your account
  • Remain up-to-date and informed of changes through regular communication
  • Free superannuation seminars held in your workplace
  • Free support at every step
  • 2,900 employers registered with us
  • If you use Christian Super as your default fund, your employees will generally be eligible for automatic acceptance by the Fund’s insurer.
  • Award winning fund


Responsible & Ethical Investments

At Christian Super investing ethically is imperative to us in the light of biblical stewardship. As such, we pursue investments in corporations that demonstrate sound ethical practices, signified by honesty, integrity and accountability, and avoid investments in corporations that engage in addictive or harmful goods or services.

Christian Super provides 5 ethically screened investment options. Each option has a varied rate of risk and return and members may choose to invest their super entirely in one option, or in multiple options.

Investment Options
Option Growth asset allocation Defensive asset allocation
Ethical High Growth 100% 0%
MyEthicalSuper 74% 26%
Ethical Balanced 52% 48%
Ethical Stable 35% 65%
Ethical Cash 0% 100%

We regularly review a range of ethical issues to ensure our investments retain their distinctive biblical focus. At Christian Super, you can be assured that any contributions you make on behalf of your employee will be invested ethically and in line with Christian values.


Members can remain at Christian Super through their Transition to Retirement and Gold Rated Pension products.

Insurance options for your employees

Death and Total & Permanent Disablement insurance provides a range of insurance options to protect your employee(s) and their dependants against the unexpected. Our death insurance provides a lump sum benefit to dependants in the event of death, while our disablement insurance gives a lump sum benefit to your employee(s) should total and permanent disablement become a reality. Christian Super will also provide your employee with the opportunity to apply for death insurance through superannuation and to thus secure assets in a way that benefits the whole family.

Income Protection insurance provides your employees with a regular monthly benefit in the event that they are temporarily unable to work. This includes up to 75% of their gross salary including ongoing superannuation contributions, available to them should they become ill or injured.