Making payments

As an employer, you need to ensure you make superannuation contributions on behalf of your staff at least quarterly, and you are required to remit these contributions to a complying super fund as per the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.


Do I have to be registered with Christian Super to make contributions?

We do not require you to be a registered employer in order to make contributions for those of your staff who choose Christian Super under the Choice of Fund legislation. As a non-registered employer, you can still make contributions through an external clearing house.

For further options, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.


How can I make contributions if I am already a registered employer?



All Christian Super registered employers are encouraged to use our online facility, Employer Access, to make contributions and advise allocation details. Employer Access can also be used for notifying Christian Super of staff changes. Employer Access allows you to submit contributions either by EFT or Direct Debit. With Employer Access, you can also:

  • Advise individual contribution amounts for each member;
  • Remit contribution payments through direct debit, BPay, or EFT;
  • Advise us of new and terminating members; and
  • Use our template to advise us of allocation details.

Employer Access Registration

Employer Access also allows you to pay employees who are with other super funds through the Super Clearing House (see below).

Super Clearing House – Pay super once for all your employees

To help make payments to multiple funds easier, our new integrated clearing house is now available through EmployerAccess.

This clearing house allows you to pay your super once, no matter which super fund your employee’s are with.

Read the Clearing House PDS for more information on Super Clearing House Online.