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Compliance Letter (Choice of Fund Letter)
This Compliance letter (also known as a Choice of Fund letter) should be presented to your employer upon choosing Christian Super as your super fund.

Change of Membership Details
Includes change of address and nomination of Beneficiaries.
You can also make these changes online

Notice of Intent to Claim a Tax Deduction
This form from the ATO allows members to claim or vary a tax deduction for personal super contributions. If you are self employed or you are wanting to claim a tax deduction on some of your funds this is the form for you. Simply complete the form, attach the necessary payment and send to Locked Bag 5073, Parramatta NSW 2124.

Member Contribution
For sending in a personal contribution, a spouse contribution or a self-employed contribution. Refer to the form for further information.

Investment Choice
Use Member Access to make changes to your investment choice. Or, you may prefer to make these changes manually.

Transfer Superannuation
For consolidating your super accounts into Christian Super. You will need to provide some Certified ID.
This can also be done quickly and easily through Member Access without using forms.

Contribution Splitting
For transferring part of your superannuation contributions into your spouse’s account.

Binding Death Nomination
Binding Nominations require the Trustee to pay your benefit to your nominated beneficiaries in the event of your death. Binding Nominations must be renewed every 3 years to remain valid.

Third Party Authorisation
Complete this form to give permission for a third-party, such as a financial planner, to access your Christian Super account information.

Tax File Number Notification Form
This form is for notifying Christian Super of your Tax File Number. It is not the same as declaring your Tax File Number with the ATO.

Benefit Payment Form

Use the Benefit Payment Form to receive a payment from your superannuation account if:

  • you are at least preservation age, have ceased employment and intend to permanently retire from the workforce
  • you wish to roll your Christian  Super balance to another superannuation fund

Insurance forms

Early Release request

This form is not available online. Please contact us for a copy if you are an existing member wishing to request early release of part or all of your preserved superannuation benefit due to severe financial hardship.


Guides, PDS & publications

Click here for our PDS and Guides

Significant Event Notices

When there are any important updates or changes to our products and services, we will advise our members by post and also provide the notice here.

Our Annual Report keeps you up-to-date with the current trends in an ever-changing economic world; recaps the performance of our ethical investments, while demonstrating what Christian Super is currently doing to ensure you are provided with the best possible retirement.


Member News has evolved into our Blog. As a member you will receive regular email updates, but only if you have requested to receive them.

Other Publications

Celebrating 30 Years is a visual journey of our past through to the present! In 2014, Christian Super celebrated our 30 year anniversary. Click through to see how the Fund has grown and changed, while staying true to our roots over the years.

Ethical Position Papers

From time to time, the Fund delivers presentations to members and employers on various matters relevant to superannuation and to Christian Super.  Almost all of the information contained in these presentations is all available in some form and in various locations on our website.  However, if you would like a copy of any of these presentations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.