Christian Super is an Australia domiciled superannuation fund and is established as a Regulated Fund under the SIS legislation. The Fund is licensed with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, APRA. Christian Super is managed on a day-to-day basis by a corporate Trustee, Christian Super Pty Limited, which is registered under the APRA requirements.

The Trustee operates the Fund in accordance with a Trust Deed. The Trust Deed is available here, or on request if you contact us.

Employers and members are equally represented on the Trustee Board of Directors.. The Trustee operates the National Office to coordinate the Fund’s management and development activities. External service providers have been appointed to handle the Fund’s investment, insurance and administration activities.

SFN: 1242 009 45
SPIN: 66 628 776 348 908
RSE Registration No.: R1004137

Fund and Trustee Details
Fund Trustee
Christian Super
ABN: 66 628 776 348
Christian Super Pty Ltd
ABN: 68 065 040 619
ACN: 065 040 619
AFSL No.: 244117
RSE License No.: L0000918

Advisors to the Trustee

Many of the matters associated with running Christian Super can be complex. As such, the Trustee has appointed the following specialist independent organisation to assist it with the key operations of the fund:

Service Provider Registration
Administrator Australian Administration Services Pty Ltd ABN 62 003 429 114
Auditor EY (Ernst & Young) ABN 75 288 172 749
Custodian State Street Australia Limited ABN 21 002 965 200
AFSL 241 419
(TPD/Death & Income Protection)
Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd ABN 37 062 395 484
Internal Auditor KPMG ABN 51 194 660 183
Investment Adviser JANA Investment Advisers ABN 97 006 717 568
AFSL 230 693
Investment Adviser Brightlight Impact Advisory ABN 77 612 565 036
AFSL 493 660
Investment Manager Ausbil Dexia (Ausbil Investment Management Limited) ABN 26 076 316 473
Investment Manager PIMCO Australia Pty Ltd ABN 54 084 280 508

Governance Disclosures

Further information and Policies