Hadyn Bernau – Candidate Information

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How do you believe your skills can be used as a director of Christian Super if you are elected?

  • Financial acumen – I would rigorously analyse and question Christian Super’s financial reporting and trends
  • Financial risk management – my experience with the regulator and several near-failures of private health insurers has developed my skills in early identification of strengths and weaknesses of financial risk management processes, to ensure the security of members’ finances
  • Creative thinking – I often come up with new ways to frame a situation, and alternative solutions to problems

What experience do you bring to the role of Trustee Director?

  • Actuary with 15 years of experience across Government / corporates / NFPs / consulting in Australia and overseas
  • Subject matter expertise
    • My specialisations in my post-graduate actuarial studies were superannuation and investments
    • 3 years of experience working in superannuation and investments, eg modelling investment returns, advising on implications of asset allocation and advising on Government superannuation policy
  • Regulatory experience – 3 years as chief actuary at the regulator of the private health insurance industry, focused on governance and financial risk management

Which church do you attend and how are you involved?

  • Hills Bible Church in Wantirna, Melbourne
    • Member of service leadership team – responsible for events
    • Lead a life group
    • Teach Sunday School

How does Christian Super’s vision of seeing people living life with financial health and understanding resonate with you?

  • For me, a person who has financial health and understanding (and other assets such as relational health, mental health, spiritual health, infrastructure), is able to utilise their assets to generate the maximum possible cause outcomes over their lifetime. A person’s causes might include providing for their family and another social cause on their heart.
    • This logic underpins a paper I have co-authored – “Lifetime financial planning – the Cause Way”
    • It also fits with the purpose statement of the consulting company I have founded called Cause Way – “To do justice to the place of causes in our hearts”.

What is your view on biblical investing and why it is important for Christian Super and its members?

  • Every time we invest, we provide capital to the organisation we invest in, so they can grow and further their business. We also form a relationship with the organisation as one of its funders as a financial supporter / owner.
  • A passive or apathetic approach to investment from Christian Super would result in Christians unintentionally supporting, furthering and forming relationship with organisations who are conducting unbiblical activities
  • In my view, biblical investing eliminates investment in unbiblical activities (negative screening), and seeks investments aligned closely with God’s purposes in sharing his love with the world (positive screening)

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