Honouring God with our charitable giving and with our investments – Dr. Amy L. Sherman

At our recent Global Generosity Roundtable event, we caught up with Dr. Amy L. Sherman who is the Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute. She shared some insights on how Christians can best honour God with their giving as well as their investments.

Some of her key points are:

  • Wise financial stewardship involves advancing God’s kingdom through the use of our charitable giving, but we can also dramatically advance the kingdom of God and the common good through wise investments.
  • Honoring God with our investments means that we are seeking a social return as well as a financial return. After all, if we are only looking for a financial return, then we are not that much different from the rest of the world.
  • It’s not only through the money that we give away that we demonstrate our worship and compassion, it’s also through the money that we put away that we witness to our love of God and neighbour.

Dr. Amy shares more in this Financial Wisdom Minute: