How Your Super is Building Specialist Disability Accommodation

Thousands of Australians living with a significant disability do not have access to housing suited to their unique needs. DPN Casa Capace Disability Housing Trust was conceived to address this major undersupply of housing for Australians requiring Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), with a focus on working with registered Supported Independent Living providers to construct appropriate accommodation facilities.

Part of DPN Group, an award-winning property and financial services enterprise, Casa Capace, is a social impact business, dedicated to providing high-quality, purpose built homes for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. A pilot home in south-west Sydney’s Oran Park was opened in February 2020.

Your super will help fund an additional 32 homes for 140 NDIS participants, including those with complex needs, through Christian Super’s impact investment in Casa Capace.

Christian Super has invested in Casa Capace through the Brightlight Real Estate Impact Fund, which will own the next 32 homes Casa Capace build and operate, and which can be expanded as other investors come on board.

Casa Capace aims to scale their disability housing model to more than 750 homes over the next five years for Specialist Disability Accommodation participants who currently live without adequate housing. Australia’s current shortfall of appropriate Specialist Disability Accommodation, means that this project presents a significant opportunity for impact, addressing the crisis of people currently living with disabilities in unsuitable housing.

As well as helping to promote the health and well-being of vulnerable people, providing Specialist Disability Accommodation housing helps develop cities and communities that are inclusive to people of all abilities.

The Casa Capace leadership team bring together experience and expertise in both residential property development and the specialist accommodation industry.

Brightlight’s Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Zschech says of the team and the project:

The direct impact of this investment into purpose built NDIS residential homes, will significantly improve the quality of life of up to 140 NDIS participants. We’re also excited by the positive impact on their extended family, who are often the primary care-givers. We believe the high quality of the DPN Casa Capace management team, its proven development capability and operational integrity, position them well to scale this offering.

There’s clear alignment between our investors and Brightlight Group’s mission to have a transformative impact on the world’s most marginalised people, with a vision for scalable life changing solutions. We see this as a compelling opportunity to support the development of modern social infrastructure that not only benefits the individuals and families who require it but demonstrates how we can work in partnership with a wide variety of organisations to increase impact performance while strengthening our social fabric.

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