Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection insurance provides a regular monthly income of up to 75% of your gross salary should you become temporarily ill or injured and are therefore unable to work.

Cover commences from your first day at work (if your employer uses Christian Super as their default fund) or from the first day cover is approved. Then, you are generally eligible for Income Protection payments if you:

  • Unable to perform at least one income producing duty of your normal occupation;
  • Under the regular care of, and following the advice of, a medical practitioner; AND
  • Not able to work in any paid or unpaid occupation due to illness of injury; OR
  • 67 years of age or over and unable to perform two activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, feeding, toiling or getting in and out of bed without assistance.

Payment of the Income Protection benefit commences after you have been off work for sixty days, and is payable for a maximum of two years.

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