Investing in people like Susan

Meet Susan. Susan lives in a small village in Kenya. Each day Susan wakes early to walk 2km in order to collect water for her family of 12. So when Susan received her first microfinance loan from Kenya Women Finance Trust, a Christian Super investment through Triodos, she spent it on having a water pipe installed near her house. She then bought seeds to grow tomatoes, onions and carrots to feed her family and start a business. Since then Susan has had a well drilled beside her house and is now able to expand her small produce business.

Kenya Women Finance Trust provides financial services to over 400,000 women from low income groups. The loans are often used for purchasing solar panels or clean drinking water tanks close to homes to improve living conditions for their families. The women repay their small loans with interest, making a good investment for Christian Super members, while helping them to create a brighter future.