Investment strategy

Our Strategy

At Christian Super we strive to achieve strong investment returns in harmony with investing ethically. As a Christian community we share certain core values – the authority of God, the respect for human life, the need to care for God’s creation, and many others. As such, our ethical investment strategy focuses on investments that support these core values.

We regularly review a wide range of ethical issues to ensure that our investments retain their distinctive biblical focus. We are constantly searching for new investment opportunities that provide both strong investment returns and a valuable contribution to society and the environment.

At Christian Super we intentionally screen all of our investments. 

Our professional investment team oversees the Fund’s investment portfolio to ensure that it is invested wisely. We constantly monitor investment markets in Australia and around the world to find the best long-term investment opportunities for each investment option.

While investment markets can fluctuate over the short and medium term, our investment decisions are made with a view to providing long-term returns. We strive to invest your superannuation in ways that provide the best opportunity for your account to grow at a rate greater than inflation, over long a period. You can have confidence that your retirement savings are being invested well, in both senses of the word. They are actively promoting positive outcomes in communities in Australia and around the world, and at the same time they are invested with a view to your retirement needs.

All assets are held by a custodian to ensure that your retirement savings are kept secure, and the Fund engages a wide range of professional advisers, including a dedicated investment consultant and specialist fund managers. The Fund and its investment managers, do at times, use derivatives (such as futures and options) to assist with managing the investments, but derivatives are not used for ‘gearing’ the portfolio.