Ken Crofts – Candidate Information

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How do you believe your skills can be used as a director of Christian Super if you are elected?

I have strong financial skills developed over many years, including detailed knowledge and experience with preparation, analysis and review of financial statements. I have practical experience in delivering both internal and external audit, and my governance skills are evidenced by my selection as Chair of the YMCA national governance leadership team. Our team developed mandatory governance standards applicable for all YMCA Associations across Australia. I am a strategic thinker, and can assist in developing strategy to ensure the broader Vision and Mission of Christian Super is achieved.

What experience do you bring to the role of Trustee Director?

I am a non-executive director with over seven years’ Board level experience, have been a member of six Audit and Risk Committees, chairing two, and currently chair the Finance committee for ACT Cemeteries I am a graduate of the Company Directors Course run by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, as well as the Applied Diploma in Corporate Governance managed by The Governance Institute and am qualified as a Chartered Secretary.  I have experience with APRA legislation and regulations, having previously served on the Board and Risk Committee of an APRA regulated credit union.

Which church do you attend and how are you involved?

My wife Maree and I attend Sunrise church, a member of the Apostolic church, at Fyshwick in Canberra. As the majority of the congregation come from many different cultures and countries, it has been a privilege to serve in a church where Christian worship can be a little different, and where conventional church traditions can be challenged as to whether they line up with God’s direction.

How does Christian Super’s vision of seeing people living life with financial health and understanding resonate with you?

It is important that fund members live life with financial health and understanding. Although we are called to rely on God and not our finances, we are also to be practical and wise with our resources. Financial health and understanding allows members to have a secure and purposeful retirement, ensuring they are not limited in serving the Lord to their full potential.

What is your view on biblical investing and why it is important for Christian Super and its members?

My view on biblical investing is that Christian Super should always invest ethically in funds and projects where they can achieve maximum benefit in terms of social and environmental impact, whilst avoiding investments that contradicts God’s plan for our world, resulting in negative effects for communities and individuals. Of course, the fund should always be prudent in its investments, to enable the best possible chance for members to achieve financial health. Notably, I have a strong passion for measuring social as well as financial impact and currently serve as Treasurer on the board of Social Impact Measurement Network Australia (SIMNA).

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