Leadership investment that’s paying returns

I just returned from “training” in Adelaide. I guess you too, at some stage, either to maintain professional development or to become a better practitioner, have participated in some sort of training. However, the word “training” doesn’t quite cut it.

It was an investment on various fronts. It cost time – time away of from the office (yay!?) and time away from family (ehh!) It cost $$. It cost energy, effort and preparatory time. At Christian Super we always review our investments. Here is my review of this investment.

I serve at Christian Super as “All Round Legend”, a role I have had for over 4 years. In this role (and previous roles) I have participated in professional development, technical training and leadership courses. But I have never experienced leadership transformation like that which Arrow facilitates.

In some ways it is hard to put into writing what has really transpired, but it would be a pretty short blog if I didn’t try, so here goes….

Arrow has challenged me to think about who I am and who I am becoming – not just as a leader in my workplace, but as I seek to be a better worshipper, husband, father and team member.

It provided me with an environment where I could, in the company of other leaders, men and women from the Not for Profit sector, hear from God about my character and integrity and the impact who I am has upon what I do and the people I am called to lead.

Arrow engaged me to honestly consider aspects of my work preferences and my team leadership ability, enabling me to commit to becoming laser focussed in my work, encouraging and affirming other team members and leading well the team of fantastic men and women with whom I work

The course stretched my understanding in areas including team practices, identifying and exercising influence, risk management (leadership?), purpose and strategy.  It also prepared me for greater, long term impact as a leader, which will benefit Christian Super AND benefit me, as I seek to encourage and enable those close to me to flourish.

Was it the content? Well yes and no. Was it the location, presenters, guest facilitators, evening speakers, peer groups, practical exercises, intentional reflection and action or contextually and geographically diverse relationships? Again yes and no. It wasn’t just one of these elements, but the way these elements were so intentionally and specifically woven together to create a leadership learning environment which I have never experienced before.

So I firmly believe this investment will produce growing returns – some can be measured clearly and now and others will be confirmed in eternity.

What were some of the big ideas I got?

  • I have to be vigilant that I don’t get caught with an ‘in the box’ way of thinking – From the book Leadership and Self-deception.
  • Vision/Passion is not a strategy; you also need a plan.
  • My technical skills are no longer where I provide the most value it’s my people management and time management.

Check out Arrow Leadership’s website here.