Learning the Secret of Contentment – John Preston

At our Global Generosity Roundtable event we caught up with John Preston, who is the Church of England’s National Stewardship Officer. He authored a chapter of our free ebook Purposeful Living, where he looked at how our faith affects our spending.

In his chapter he wrote,

There’s a danger that Christians can think that God is only interested in what they give to church. It is common for people to give a percentage to God, and then feel and even act like the rest of their money is theirs to do with what they please. Yet we’re called to steward wisely everything that God gives us — doing so requires us to be good stewards in all our financial decisions, not just giving ones. As most of us spend more than we give or save, it is vital that we put our faith into our spending!

John suggests four pointers to help us make wise decisions about our spending:

  1. Uphold our values
  2. Resist unnecessary bargains
  3. Learn contentment
  4. Pray about major purposes.

On this third point of contentment, John shared a bit more with us in this short video.

Learning the secret of contentment is one of the key ways we can navigate the challenges of living life to the full.