Invest In What
You Believe In

We’ve been generating strong returns and helping members prepare for retirement for over 30 years, by choosing ethical investments that share your values


You may not see your super for many years but it’s impacting many lives right now

Most of us treat our Super as a set-and-forget long term investment for our retirement. As long as it keeps going up, we tend not to think about it too much.

In an average fund, you can expect your money to be invested in gambling, tobacco, exploitative labour, and things that harm people and our planet.

As Christians we have a responsibility to
make sure our money (including our Super)
does not harm others.

That's why at Christian Super we deliver competitive returns at the same time as ensuring that all of our
investments align with Bible-based values.

  • We AVOIDinvesting your money in companies that violate human rights
  • We AVOIDindustries that use exploitation or predatory practices
  • We AVOIDindustries that produce addictive or harmful goods and services
  • We DOchoose companies that are environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and financially strong
  • We DOinvest in companies that are ethical, honest, professional and accountable

As an industry fund, we return all our
profits to our 28,000 members, and
have done so since 1984

We believe where you invest your super should be your choice. So, for over 30 years we’ve helped our members plan for the future with ethical investments that also generate strong returns.

We’re non-denominational, but strong in faith, and our experienced Australian team choose your investments wisely based on values we find in the Bible.


As Christians, we share a
range of core values

  • Every single dollar we invest is vetted to ensure it aligns with our core values - the most important of which are our respect for the authority of God and human life, and the need to care for God’s creation.
  • Our professional team ensure that our ethical screens are applied across 100% of our investments, and we review regularly to ensure this commitment to values is maintained.
  • Each investment is also checked to make sure it's performing well for your super so you'll be in a strong position when you're ready to retire.

Competitive returns will help you to achieve a purposeful retirement

When the time comes to stop work, we’ll support your transition to retirement so you can continue to serve God in new ways.

Our default investment option has achieved a 10 year average return of 7.45% pa, and we offer a range of other investment choices and pension solutions to suit every situation.

We’ll help you find the options that are right for you.


Our Members LOVE

that we provide great value for money and share a strong Christian ethos

"I'm a Christian, but I'm not with Christian Super because of your name. I'm with you because of your ethical and sustainable investment options and I recommend people to you for this reason, even to people who don't choose to follow Jesus. Whenever the topic of super comes up, I tell people that you keep winning awards for Ethical and Sustainable Super Fund of the Year."

Tabitha (NSW)

"I am very grateful that I can trust that my money is invested with an organisation that operates according to Biblical principles. You treat your members well by keeping them informed and offering ethical investments. You operate transparently, which I like."

Alison McDonald (VIC)

"We feel so confident that our super is with Christian Super, because they come across both professionally and also with a great Christian ethos."

Chris Finley (NSW)

"I love Christian Super! It’s literally putting my money where my mouth is. Knowing that it’s invested ethically, and that it gets a good return, is a double whammy!"

Ps Matt Prater (QLD)

"Ethical investing is important to me, so I strongly support how Christian Super invest."

Barry White (SA)

"Christian Super are foremost about people; their well-being as well as their families and wider communities. As a member of Christian Super, I have found their business to be one that is authentic and outstanding."

Bronwyn Jenkins (NSW)

Join us

In creating a better world for
the future

It only takes minutes to ensure your super is working to benefit others, rather than
supporting unethical industries. Simply click the button and we’ll take care of
everything, we can even consolidate the Super you already have in other accounts.

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