Life with seven children!

Some of you may have seen videos of our financial advisor Gavin Martin, but we thought we would ask him about the rest of his life. Read on.

What do you do on an average weekend?

Weekends start with being a taxi service for our kids and their friends. We have seven kids (five boys then two girls). Most Friday’s between 3 to 6 of their friends come over after school for dinner.  Then we spend the evening taxiing them to and from Boys Brigade and Youth Group activities. It is nice to sit down at the end of the evening (around 10pm).

Saturdays in winter involve AFL footy, basketball, dance and other activities like a bike riding, going to the skate park or simply catching up on the chores. Generally, I take one or two of our kids to stock up on fruit and vegetables at a local street market. Whist it is a “job” that needs doing, it is great to spend some one-on-one or one-on-two time with the kids who come along. They usually get a few treats from the store owners that know them. A lovely lady at the bread store regularly gives them a muffin or banana bread.

We try to do a family activity together but our challenge is finding activities that span our kids age groups (18 months to 13 years) and interests. Watching the 1968 version of Oliver Twist was last Saturday’s family activity.

Sunday is another early start with our church service starting at 8:45am. Whilst it is an early start all our kids, including the 18 month old, enjoy the kids activities. So we get to engage in worship and be fed with the awesome teaching and encouragement of the Crossway Baptist team. Then it is home for pancakes for brunch (it’s my job to cook) and every second week we meet with a few other families as part of missional community for Sunday lunch.

What inspires you the most?

I get inspired by initiatives that involve pioneering or breaking new ground. Starting my own business ten years ago was a huge challenge on many levels but incredibly satisfying to see a vision come to fruition and grow.

I am inspired by being involved in new initiatives, particularly those that relate to expressing or communicating the transforming story of Jesus. Being part of the Scripture Union Victoria Board has enabled me to engage with this passion.

What got you into financial services?

An inspiring person by the name of Kevin Bailey, who I met through a marriage education program my wife and I completed. We really benefited from this before we married and then became involved with for a number of years after we married.

I was previously in corporate management/IT consulting, but was seeking a vocation with more people interaction. Kevin employed me within his financial planning business. I found the niche that enabled me to utilize my interest in numbers/maths and enjoyment in helping people achieve their goals. Ten years ago the “entrepreneurial dream” was calling and I founded Cornerstone Wealth.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Combining my financial skill set with forming ongoing relationships with clients to see people achieve what God is leading them to do, in line with timeless biblical principles.

Why do you like working with Christian Super?

I really enjoy working with the Christian Super team as they are passionate bunch of people focused on pursuing God’s plans and purposes through finance. However, it is the opportunity to interact with individuals and couples seeking to steward their resources for Kingdom purposes, witnessing their generosity and seeing God’s provision where sacrifices have been made, that really gives me a buzz.