Q&A with our new CEO Ross Piper

We are very pleased to have our new CEO Ross Piper settled into his office!

To learn a bit more about him, our Chief Member Officer Nathan Buttigieg asked him a few questions (and filmed it live on Facebook).

Nathan: Tell us a bit about yourself and the family.

Ross: Really delighted to be on board, it’s my first month so there’s a lot to take in.

My background coming into this is a little different you might say, I originally trained in mining. I spent time working in North-Western Australia, particularly in the area of indigenous community business development with mining companies.

Then my wife and I did a stint overseas in Serbia and Montenegro, working initially in post-Kosovo emergency refugee relief. I then shifted into Microfinance and longer-term economic development, so its a part of the world we grew to love. Lots of challenges but also great opportunities there.

Then we started having a family which brought us back to Australia. I joined Macquarie Group in the area of risk management, and was with Macquarie for 7 years. During that time we had 4 kids and were really blessed to see our family grow during that period!

Then in 2010 we were called to go back overseas and took a role with World Vision in the Middle East. We were based in Cyprus for 4 years where I was heading up operations for the Middle East and Eastern Europe for World Vision International. During that time had quite a strong focus on long term economic development programs, particularly Microfinance across Eastern Europe.

We came back to Australia in 2015 when our eldest child was ready to start high school. I joined world Vision Australia in the role of Chief Operating Officer and was there for about two and a half years. I feel in many ways that journey has equipped me well for the role that I have in Christian Super.

Nathan: Is there something in particular that excited you about the prospect of joining Christian Super?

Ross: Christian Super has a great mission and heart for what it is seeking to do. Obviously for our members, it’s helping them to live well and thrive with financial health and understanding. I think much broader than that there’s a really compelling opportunity for leveraging capital markets more effectively for long term development, growth and impact. Having worked on both sides of the equation, the banking side and also the development side, I recognise the enormous opportunity to have good programs funded through superannuation that will have fundamental impact in the lives of people. In Christian Super you get the best of both of those worlds and bring them together.

I really look forward to applying that experience and knowledge in the development space, at an organisation that at its very core is seeking to change the world through what it does.

Learn more about Ross by watching the video below.