Here’s what you said!

In late 2019 we asked you, our members, to complete a Member Survey. We wanted to better understand your perspectives, your needs and the ways in which we can better serve you through our services. We asked and you responded. By the end of the survey period we received close to 2500 responses which has given us great insights into what matters most to you and how we can best support you with your super. Our team have put together this post to share some of the most interesting insights, which will help to shape how we approach managing your needs and your super.


Who responded?

The majority of survey respondents were Gen X, Gen Y and Baby- boomers, representing approximately 30% each. *Builders and Gen Z composed of less the 10% of respondents.

Slightly more than half of you are female with majority of the responses coming from NSW, VIC & QLD. The average person has completed tertiary education and 1/3 having been with the fund for less than two years.

One key finding was that more than 9 in 10 of you identified as a Protestant Christian, with 85% actively attending a church weekly. Correlating with this was the firm belief that “Christian Super affirms with your own values and beliefs,” with 90% agreeing with this statement.

Key reasons that were attributed to choosing a superfund included:

  • I can trust the organisation to do the right thing by me,
  • Ethically screened investments,
  • Competitive fees

*Builders – those born from 1928 – 1945. Also known as the Silent Generation.


Understanding your super balance

Overall 1/3 of you said that you are happy with your super balance and its investment performance. However, more than 1⁄4 of you could not comment on your super balance because you don’t know how it is performing. On average 25% of you check your balance yearly, while 40% rarely think about your super (primarily Gen Y and Gen Z).

Reflections on retirement

Half of you expressed that you would like to retire before the age of 66, however 2/3 believe that you will not be able to do so. Two of the greatest concerns around retirement included running out of money and not being able to maintain a desired lifestyle. Interestingly, Gen Z respondents expressed the highest concern about being uneducated in planning for retirement, compared to Baby Boomers and Builders. More than 2/3 of you also expressed that you did not know what you’d do with your super when you do retire.

Ethical Investments

More than half of you expressed interest in knowing what the positive impact is of your investments. Gen Y was the strongest cohort to express this interest in impact investing. Correlating with this finding was the affirmation that most of you would be willing to pay more in fees knowing that your investments are having a positive social impact (1 in 5).


What you want from us

Members expressed great desire to see reduced fees, strong investment returns and advice offering that still maintains ethical, biblical and trustworthy values that align with your beliefs.


We hear you!

It is clear from your responses that your faith has played a significant role in why you chose Christian Super as your super fund. For this reason, we continue to respond and invest with our shared Christian values in mind.

Financial education and awareness about finer details of your super will become of primary importance. in our of members. We understand you require tailored content and relevant information. delivered to them. We will endeavour to provide more financial education opportunities to members, guided by a biblical perspective.


A desire for more education about purposeful retirement was evident from the member survey findings. As such, Christian Super will strive to equip you with resources around what purposeful retirement looks like.


Pursuing positive social and environment impact with strong investment returns will remain at the forefront of Christian Super’s focus.


We understand your desire to see fees reduced and strong investment returns, which is why we were pleased to reduce our overall fees on 1 July 2019. Similarly, we are currently in the process of implementing a revised investment strategy that we believe will enhance future investment returns. As always, we are committed to finding ways to improve your retirement savings.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our 2019 Member Survey, your thoughts and insights have been invaluable to our team. If you would like to get in touch to share your thoughts or ask questions, please feel free to contact our Member Care Team.

And congratulations to the following members who received prizes for completing our survey:

Joanne – Landsborough, QLD
Simon – Calwell, ACT
Cleo – Stathalbyn, SA