New Investment Options

Our New Investment Options

At Christian Super, we are regularly looking for ways to improve the outcomes achieved by our members and offer more individually tailored options. We have been reviewing our range of investment options to help us better meet the various needs of our increasingly diverse membership. As a result, we are excited to announce that we have expanded our investment options to provide more flexibility to our members.

Introducing Christian Super’s new investment options* – Three new investment choices, giving you access to a broader range of products that provide more flexibility:

Ethical Index Shares Ethical Growth Plus Ethical Balanced Growth
A high growth option allowing members to invest in an ethically screened, low-cost index-aligned way. A growth option that slots between our Ethical High Growth and Ethical Balanced Growth options providing a different risk return mix. Maintaining the same investment objective as our default fund ‘My Ethical Super’, however with a more stable investment strategy.
Investment fee: 0.31%
Indirect cost ratio: 0.02%
Total Investment Costs: 0.33%
Investment fee: 0.46%
Indirect cost ratio: 0.52%
Total Investment Costs: 0.98%
Investment fee: 0.42%
Indirect cost ratio: 0.55%
Total Investment Costs: 0.97%

We have also changed the name of our ‘Ethical Balanced’ option to ‘Ethical Conservative Balanced’. This change has no effect on the investment, it is purely a name change that better aligns with changing industry naming conventions.^

The details of our full product suite can be found in our Investment Guide.

If you wish to review or change your investment options, this can be done online using MemberAccess or by calling our Member Care Team on 1300 360 907, 9am to 6pm AEST weekdays.

*These same 3 investment options are also available for the pension product, please see the Pension Guide for all details as the asset allocations and fees may differ slightly from those above.

^Our pension product has also changed the name of our ‘Ethical Growth’ option to ‘Ethical Balanced Growth’. Please refer to our Pension Guide for full details.