Paul Campey – Candidate Information

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How do you believe your skills can be used as a director of Christian Super if you are elected?

Apart from my experience of serving previously as a Trustee Director, I bring broad experience to the Trustee Director role including being a Chartered Accountant, having worked in leadership positions and with Christian ministries for over 20 years as well as holding a number of governance positions in local, national and international organisations.

I am passionate about Christian organisations being run well in terms of their governance, strategic direction and financial management – all of which are key to the role of Trustee Director of Christian Super. My skills in assisting Christian organisations across Australia and internationally in these areas can be well applied in the context of Christian Super.

What experience do you bring to the role of Trustee Director?

I have served as a Trustee Director of Christian Super from 1998 to 2003 and have served as a Trustee more recently since 2011. In my time as a Trustee Director I have been involved in critical decisions including the move from being a fund just for Christian Schools to being a fund for the broader Christian Community, the move to ethical investments, the establishment and development of the Community Engagement Committee of the fund and also key insurance re-designs.

I have also assisted at a personal level a number of people who have had financial difficulties or are seeking to improve their financial position. That personal on-the-ground experience is also important in making governance decisions.

Which church do you attend and how are you involved?

Coast Community Church, located on the Central Coast of NSW and is affiliated with Churches of Christ NSW.  I was a Church Elder for 6 years and the Administrator for our Church Building Fundraising Program, as well as being on the Board of The Coast Christian School for many years. At the moment I am having a break from being a leader at church.

How does Christian Super’s vision of seeing people living life with financial health and understanding resonate with you?

It really comes back to how we live our lives as stewards – God asks us to be good steward of what he has given us – whether it be a little or a lot. To live a life that is financially healthy and understanding means not just what we do with Super but how we treat all the wealth we have as good stewards. Personally, while I have been a member (and especially a Director) of the fund I have learnt and thought quite a bit about living with financial biblical understanding. I think even today what I see as important is perhaps different to what I saw years ago. So the concept of living with financial health and understanding resonates quite deeply with me.

What is your view on biblical investing and why it is important for Christian Super and its members?

How we view money and manage it reflects so much of our beliefs. In deliberately setting out a biblical investment strategy Christian Super has thought through an approach to investments in an in depth way that enables members to see their own beliefs and values lived out in their superannuation fund. Christian Super is one of the very few funds (perhaps the only one) to have taken this approach and is a leader in the field. It is exciting to see members not only recognising this difference but also the superannuation industry through the awards Christian Super has won over recent years thanks to its ethical investments approach.

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