Christian Super on Spotify

Thanks for clicking on our Spotify ad. Joining a super fund always comes with a disclaimer: make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you join. But not many super funds tell you how your super is invested.

When you switch to Christian Super you can have peace of mind that your super is invested ethically in line with Christian beliefs. Not only that, but we also invest part of your super in impact investments, that have make a positive difference for people, God’s creation and also your retirement savings.

Christian Super have been providing competitive returns for over 30 years, we are an industry super fund with over 28,000 members and over $1.8 billion in funds under management. But enough about us, this is about your super. If you are ready to invest in what you believe in, it only takes a few minutes to join online (and we can also help you consolidate/combine your super accounts at the same time).

Disclaimer: Make sure you read our PDS here, and when you’re ready to join, click on the button below.

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