STEWARD: A 30-Day Devotional

The word “steward” from a theological perspective represents both our identity and responsibility before God. The noun evokes a sense of the role that we, as believers, have in looking after the resources of our Lord. The verb “to steward” speaks of the activity that we engage in as caretakers of all that is entrusted to us by God.

Discovering and exploring our identity as stewards is the vital to living out the God-given destiny we have as Christians. When we understand our position in relation to the Father and Master of all Creation, we find we have greater peace, purpose and passion for the work and resources given to us.

When we understand this important part of our identity in Christ, we are released to the “doing” of stewarding, to act and serve in accordance with our position. Of course, the world we live in has a different modality when it comes to work, money and perceived ownership. We are bombarded with advertising and messages which undermine God’s design for our life and service.

When we consider our life and purpose it’s important that we understand the ‘being’ aspect of our identity as stewards, which must precede our ‘doing’. We need to recognise that we have a different way of being and doing when it comes to work, finances and future.

Come with us on a journey of discovery though our 30-Day Devotional, STEWARD.


A short excerpt

Day 1 | God works

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.
– Romans 8:28

“God works” is an expression that we often gloss over when we read this verse. Our mind tends to go right to the “good” part for us. This is good news! God has a plan, and he’s working it out for our good and his glory.

But what does “God works” mean for us as stewards? Surely, it doesn’t mean that, if we love God, he will make all our dreams come true.

Our work is not meaningless; it’s part of his greater purpose.

The words “God works” give us a blueprint for our own work as stewards. Our work is not meaningless but part of his greater work and purpose. Each of us finds our purpose in him. And when we work, we contribute to the good of others.

And, here’s the best part: we are “called” to this.

As you begin this journey looking at your identity and responsibility as a steward, rest and find joy in the goodness of God and ask for his help to become a good and faithful steward.

Prayer: God, thanks for your goodness and for calling me to be a steward who works and contributes to the good of others. Help me play my part. Amen.

  • Make a list of instances when you feel like God worked for your good. Start your “steward” journey by simply thanking him.


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STEWARD is a 30-day reflective journey to reset your thinking about your identity and responsibilities before God. Each day includes a Scripture, thoughts to renew your mind, a prayer, and an application idea.

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About the authors:
Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D. is President and CEO of Global Trust Partners.
Nathan Buttigieg is Chief – Operations & Product at Christian Super, Australia.