Global Generosity Roundtable

Learning the Secret of Contentment – John Preston

At our Global Generosity Roundtable event we caught up with John Preston, who is the Church of England’s National Stewardship Officer. He authored a chapter of our free ebook Purposeful Living, where he looked at how our faith affects our spending. In his chapter he wrote, There’s a danger that Christians can think that God … Read more

Honouring God with our charitable giving and with our investments – Dr. Amy L. Sherman

At our recent Global Generosity Roundtable event, we caught up with Dr. Amy L. Sherman who is the Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute. She shared some insights on how Christians can best honour God with their giving as well as their investments. Some of her key points are: Wise financial stewardship involves advancing God’s … Read more

Visionary Investing Begins with the Great Commission – Abel Pomar

By Abel Pomar. This is an excerpt from our free eBook Purposeful Living Most of the decisions we make throughout the day involve money on some level. How we use money bears eternal significance. Maybe that’s why God’s Word provides more guidance on how we handle our money and resources than on nearly any other … Read more