Making an impact on the lives of South American Coffee Farmers

Thrive Farmers is one of Christian Super’s impact investments through Sovereign’s Capital. Thrive Farmers is an Atlanta-based coffee company that is making a difference in the lives of South American coffee farmers and their communities. Thrive connects farmers in Guatemala and Costa Rica directly with consumers; reducing profit loss, ensuring a stable price for coffee … Read more

How your Super is helping some of the world’s poorest farmers

Did you know that coconut farmers are among the poorest in the world? Entire families subsist on little more than a dollar a day in some areas. But your Super is helping make an impact through coconut farms, while still bringing strong returns for your retirement. Big tree farms, a Christian Super impact investment (through … Read more

We all need a safety net: Microinsurance

Imagine you own a small business selling coffee from a coffee cart. This business is your source of livelihood for your entire family – food, rent, education for your children and medical expenses. One day, a big storm completely destroys your coffee cart. The replacement cost is over three times your monthly earnings and far … Read more