Tools to Equip

This page has been designed for you as a place that holds a body of resources that may be relevant to you and the situation you find yourself in. COVID-19 has certainly brought about many challenges. At Christian Super we value you and we want to equip you with tools of the trade that can help you with the current situation that you find yourself in. We pray that this will be a relevant resource page for you. We will continue to fill this resource hub with information that is specific and relevant to each topic. Stay tuned as we journey with you.

As a quick overview, here is what you’ll find:


Budgeting basics


Faith and finance

The bible may not necessarily discuss step by step financial instructions around what it means to have wealth as a Christian. It does however give us much wisdom and insight as to how we are to steward our monetary resources. The below resources have much insight and thought on different perspectives and practical advice as to what God’s words says about faith and financial decisions.


Mental health, wellbeing & faith during COVID-19

As we adjust to a season of living with the impacts of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), we appreciate how important it is to focus on maintaining our mental health and wellbeing. While we are not experts in this area, we do immensely care for the wellbeing of our members and wish to be supportive. Below we have prepared a few useful links to Christian blogs and mental health and wellbeing articles that we believe may be helpful to you. As always, we are here to help and support you, and will continue to pray for God’s peace, comfort and provision for you and your family during this season.



With more people living longer, robust lives are needed. Many of us might expect to have 30+ years in our retirement – that’s a lot of free time! With so many good, strong years ahead you, the question is how can you thrive well into your retirement years? What might this look like?


End of Financial Year and COVID-19

End of financial year is fast approaching. Typically, this is a time where getting your taxes in order is necessary. You’ll often hear from financial institutes that now is a great time to get contributions sorted and in order.


Other useful links

  • RightNow Media is an online streaming service that houses an array of Christian content that centres around faith and Christian perspective. Here you can find thousands of video resources which range from bible studies, topicals to children’s entertainment. If you’re a Christian Super Member, you have full access to their subscription through us. Learn more
  • Super Rewards is an online shopping platform which contributes a percentage of your shopping to your super with affiliated labels on their site. The benefits of this is that it contributes money to your account and doesn’t require any extra work from you! There are a range of different shopping sectors that are included. Regardless of life stage, there is a little something for everyone. You can create an account with them here,