Trustee Election 2020

As a Super fund, we value the uniqueness of you, the Christian community we serve. One way Christian Super reflects the needs of our members is by having a board of directors that provide a diverse representation of the Christian community. While, four of our directors are appointed by a council of denominations and peak bodies who helped to build Christian Super into who we are today (our Principal Sponsor), another four of our directors are nominated and elected by you, our members.

It is our belief that through attaining a wider range of skills and perspectives, board diversity creates stronger governance and better outcomes. We therefore encourage you to prayerfully consider individuals who could apply their range of skills and experiences to our board in this new season.

This election process commences with a ‘call for nominations’ for the member representative director positions. Should more than four candidates be identified, ballot voting will then take place.

The key dates for the election are:

23 August 2019 Nominations open
25 October 2019 Nominations close
9 December 2019 Election opens
7 February 2020 Election closes
24 February 2020 Results published on website

All members should have received correspondence with information on how to be involved in this process. Whether or not you or someone you know nominates to participate in Christian Super’s board, this is a good opportunity to remember to pray for this process and our Fund.