Types of Advice and Costs Involved

Financial Advice can seem like a complex topic, involving a lot of financial terms with meanings and interpretations which may be unknown to you. This page has been designed to help you understand the different types of financial advice and how you can access these, as well as give you an indication of the costs you may incur in receiving each type of financial advice.

Member Care Team

Our Member Care Team has qualified specialists who can offer factual information and general advice over the phone regarding superannuation. They will help discuss our product features, options, and help with other queries about your account as well as superannuation in general.

Fund pays
(no additional cost)

Online self-serve tools

Online self-serve tools like SmartAdvice have been designed to help you budget and manage your finances better. These tools will often help you see the potential impact of making extra contributions and will work out the appropriate level of insurance cover. You can access these anytime from a smart device.

* investment choice * insurance needs * contribution strategy * retirement projections *

Fund pays
(no additional cost)

Intra-fund (within-fund) phone-based advice

Phone-based advice can be given to you when it relates only to your accounts within Christian Super. This advice may be personal or general, depending on the topics covered, and is provided through our partner Link Advice.

It can include ideas of how to maximise your super for retirement, as well as discussion of salary sacrifice and other types of super contributions. This is simple advice and can’t cover switching super funds (beyond a basic consolidation overview), financial products outside super or general retirement planning.

* investment choice * insurance needs * contribution strategy * retirement options *

* basic superfund consolidation overview * super or retirement health check *

Fund pays
(no additional cost)

Single-issue or ‘scaled’ advice

This is advice about a specific issue and while it’s personal advice, it doesn’t take into account your full financial situation. It addresses a specific area or issue and may be related to your super or to other financial matters.

At Christan Super we offer phone-based, scaled, advice to set up a Christian Super pension strategy (either retirement or transition to retirement). This is provided through our partner Link Advice at a low fixed cost per member (payable from your super).

You may engage an external financial advisor for single issue advice (a common example is an annual insurance premium review for business and personal insurance needs).







Full-service or ‘holistic’ advice

If you need help with your overall financial situation using a comprehensive financial plan, a holistic advice service is recommended. This may include goal setting, budgeting, retirement planning, tax strategies, starting a pension within super, investments outside super, government entitlement eligibility, insurance needs, and planning how your assets and estate will be distributed after your death.

Christian Super can refer you to an external faith-aligned advisor.

Likely to be beneficial when your assets (excluding family home) exceed $300k. 

$Varied – usually from around $3,300 depending on complexity

Ongoing full-service advice

With this type of advice your adviser monitors your investment portfolio and reviews your financial plan on a regular basis. Your advisor may recommend that you receive ‘ongoing advice’ after preparing your initial financial plan.

Christian Super can refer you to an external faith-aligned advisor.

May be beneficial when your assets (excluding family home) exceed $300k.

$Varied – usually from around $2,200 annually depending on complexity

We have prepared a sequential blog series to cover the above advice options in more detail. Click here to view our Do I need financial advice content series.



General advice is financial advice which does not take into account your personal circumstances. It may be about financial product options and features but cannot include a recommendation or suggest that a product is the best one for you. No Statement of Advice (SoA) is provided for general advice.

Personal advice is personalised financial advice that may recommend a financial service, product option, or course of action to take after considering your individual objectives, financial situation and needs. With Personal advice you will receive a Statement of Advice (SoA) for all advice issued.


Types of Personal Advice:

Intra-fund Advice is given to a member relating to their existing interest in the Fund’s superannuation product only, taking into account their personal circumstances.

Scaled Advice is given to a member that is limited in scope, either in response to a limited range of issues or addressing a specific area of the member’s needs, taking into account their personal circumstances.

Full-service Advice is given to a member relating to their finances generally, taking into account their full personal circumstances and goals. This may sometimes be called comprehensive or holistic financial advice.

SmartAdvice is an online self-driven, online, financial advice tool provided for members by Christian Super.

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