We Work With Advisors

Why we think advice is important (and why we engage with advisors)

Christian Super seeks to equip members to faithfully steward their finances and enable them to have a purposeful retirement. Financial advice is critically important to seeing this vision achieved, and for this reason Christian Super seeks to provide a range of advice services to meet the various needs of members.

As the Fund is not licensed to provide personal financial advice, we provide an intra-fund phone-based service through our advice partner (Link Advice) to meet the superannuation product advice needs of many of our members at no additional cost.

While this is a great service for super product advice, we recognise the importance for members with more complex advice needs to establish a strong relationship with an advisor who not only understands their goals and financial needs, but also their unique values.

As we engage with advisors, the Fund’s members will benefit from being able to access quality faith-aligned advisors who may otherwise be difficult to source. It is expected that over time members will also gain access to enhanced member education material as advisors engage more directly with education content creation.

We also expect that engagement with advisors will, over time, result in an increase in advisors recommending our products as they grow in their understanding of the distinct needs Christian Super’s product are designed to meet.

The final reason we engage with Christian advisors is that we recognise our unique position as one of the largest Christian organisations working in financial services. As such we are honoured by the opportunity to connect faith-aligned advisors with each other and allow them to establish a network of colleagues who share their values.


How Christian Super’s products are designed to meet a variety of your client’s needs

Christian Super’s products are designed to provide faith-based clients with products that they can be assured are aligned with their convictions. These products are designed to ensure that a client’s super investments avoid ‘harming others’ as well as where appropriate use investments that are designed to intentionally ‘help others’. Your client’s money will be invested in line with our best-in-class Biblical ethics, which aim to bring positive social outcomes while continuing to provide solid financial returns.

We are a profit-for-member fund, so we keep our fees low and all profits go back to our members.

Income protection and death/disability insurance are available at extremely competitive wholesale rates.

We offer an online Member Access platform, as well as a friendly in-house Member Care Team. All of the professional employees working at Christian Super are faithful individuals, seeking to live out their beliefs in their occupation. This is results in a highly values aligned service, tailored to the distinct needs of our members.

With our full suite of pre-retirement superannuation products, insurances, post-retirement pensions and transition to retirement accounts, your clients can therefore fulfil all of their retirement planning needs.

Christian Super is a values-driven organisation that seeks to be Authentically Christian, to Relentlessly Improve and to be Diligently Caring for our members and all aspects of our members’ retirement needs. These values are outworked in all aspects of our operations, including our inhouse member care team, our Biblically aligned investment approach and our faith driven approach to member education.

We are a multi award-winning fund with Gold-rated Super and Pension products (SuperRatings).

We welcome feedback from advisors on how we can improve our product features and options to better suit the diverse needs of your clients.


How Christian Super makes it easy for advisors to work with us

We seek to make it as easy as possible for advisors to work with us, while ensuring that procedures and policies are followed to safeguard our members’ valuable retirement savings.

We have a Financial Advice Coordinator (FAC) to assist advisors with information about the Fund, as well as with practical matters such as arranging fee deductions. The FAC also assists members to connect with advisors, smoothing the referral process and assisting in qualifying referrals and ensuring the most suitable advisor for each member is identified early in the process.

We circulate a regular newsletter for advisors as well as hosting periodic information sessions outlining details on our range of products and how they are performing and providing further information on our operations and overall vision.

Can financial advice fees be deducted from Member super accounts?

Yes, if the Member chooses. Any registered financial advisor can submit a once-off fee payment request to be deducted from the Members super account for advice that is sole-purpose-test compliant. The request must also be in accordance with our financial advice policy and fee guidelines (available on request).

Ongoing monthly fee payment arrangements are also available to advisors on our referral panel. Other advisors can submit the ‘Authority and request form to deduct fee – one off’ form once per year for their ongoing clients.

Click here to download a Fee Deduction Authority Form

Can I access my client’s super account information?

Yes. Christian Super provides a member information ‘Fact-Find’ report which is issued automatically to the advisor whenever a Third Party Authority (TPA) form is submitted.

We are conscious of the need to balance any costs to our membership with the potential benefits. While we do not currently have an ‘Advisor Portal’ to provide live access to clients account information, or a feed to your advisor software (e.g. XPLAN), this is under consideration for the future provided we can access this at a reasonable price point. In the meantime, your client can utilise Member Access at any time, and other enquiries to the fund will be responded to within 48 hours.

Click here to download a Third Party Authority Form


How advisors can get more involved with Christian Super

Christian Super is privileged to be part of a monthly online gathering of Christian financial advisors. The group is modelled on the Kingdom Advisors Study Group based in the United States and is for both professional development and personal connection. This lunchtime gathering, utilising Zoom, is open to faith-aligned financial advisors from Australia.

On occasion we provide opportunities for advisors to present at Christian Super hosted webinars, and/or we promote external advisor webinars. We also work with advisors to publish blogs relevant to our membership.

Comprehensive advice is available to members not currently under advice through our referred advisor panel. This panel is made up of quality, faith-aligned advisors whom the Fund has determined are well equipped to meet the needs of high-conviction faithful clients. Selection for the advisor panel is on an invitation-only basis after connecting through the study group. There are limitations on the number of advisors on the panel at any given time, allowing a meaningful number of warm leads to be provided to panel advisors. From time to time, as awareness of and demand for this service grows among our members, we may seek to add additional advisors to the panel.

Please email advice@christiansuper.com.au for more information on any of our advisor initiatives.