Why we are different

Retirement is a long way off for some of us but is just around the corner for others. Most will think about it one point or another and consider time, finances, activities and relationships in light of the retirement season, all of which have their place in a future context.

What many people don’t tend to consider is that superannuation is active today. It’s invested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whilst you may not see the impact of those investments in your own life for many years to come, your super is impacting someone else’s life today.

So while the only thing you may see is your annual statement someone else is impacted daily as your super fund’s factories that dump waste into waterways or exploit working conditions of thousands of people or conversely, developing green technology and funding microfinance opportunities.

Research shows that both investments can produce comparable financial returns. The thing that we’re passionate about is that superannuation not only offers an opportunity for financial gain, but also has the potential to have a positive impact. This makes super the perfect double-edged investment.

At the end of the day your super is your money. So how and where it’s invested is also your choice.

With Christian Super you can be sure that your money is invested in the way that you would care to invest it – upholding biblical principles and producing a social and environmental return as well as financial.