Year of Impact 2021

Our CEO Ross Piper summarises Christian Super’s unique investment approach as he introduces our latest Year of Impact:

Our team is continually refining our investment strategy to ensure our approach to risk and growth are well balanced for market conditions, while also delivering healthy returns for our members. And we continue in our commitment to invest our members’ money responsibly and in line with biblical values.

Around $150 million of the funds we manage are in impact investments that aim to deliver a positive social or environmental impact, alongside a targeted risk-adjusted financial return. One example is our investment in Casa Capace, which provides specialist disability accommodation for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. The homes built by Casa Capace are designed to provide greater value and flexibility for NDIS participants, their families, friends and those who care for them. Two homes have been built, and construction is underway for another 32 houses.

Click on the image below to read/download our 2021 Year of Impact: